Dust and Salt: The Battle for Murk

  • The Battle for Murk is an interactive fantasy narrative set in a gritty medieval world. Although the plot is related to Dust and Salt, this can be played as a stand-alone game. Explore temple dungeons, rowdy taverns, shady allies, and more. Obtain information from suspects or catch their lies by using your wits. Uncover the truth in a plot full of deception.

  • The city of Murk is under siege by a cruel barbaric leader. On his night patrol, Corporal Mandrake from the City Watch stumbles upon a treacherous conspiracy that seeks to open the city gates for the usurper. Mandrake and his patrol partner have until dawn to uncover the truth and prevent the conspirators’ plan.

  • Story is king. Rich, non-linear story, reminiscent of D&D. Decisions matter. Your actions define and shape the world you experience. The game consists of a story text and a city map. On the map you can choose to travel to different locations while the story text builds around the constant choices you have to make. Enjoy the vivid writings of the author Sycamore Bright.