Writing interactive stories with Ink in Unity

Why I chose Ink as one of the core technologies for my game.

In this article I will tell you why I put my own engine "on the shelf" and adopted Inkle Studio’s Ink scripting language for interactive fiction for my latest game Dust and Salt.

Enable greater reuse and system maintainability.

The need to provide a distinct boundary between the user interface and business logic is a common problem that spans applications. I will introduce you to one very simple approach of implementing the Observer pattern in your code through events and delegates.

PLAYTHROUGH: Heroes gamebook by Eric Bert

A review of something we love, the wonderful choose your own adventure book by Eric Bert.

The land of Ildre is home to thousands of myths and legends, few of them with happy ending. They tell stories of bloodsuckers, witches with demonic rituals, and vengeful spirits who wander the woods at night seeking their victims.

Loading a big scene on your powerful gaming PC might take a few seconds or so but on your mobile phone it might take a minute.

Yet another tutorial on progress bars in Unity. Helpful? Decide for yourself. I want to kick off the dev series in this blog with something relatively simple: loading screens. Keep in mind this article is aimed at not so advanced Unity enthusiasts.