Hwarang and Kumiho, Gamebook RPG


"Hwarang and Kumiho" is an interactive novel (in the tradions of "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Fighting Fantasy" series) that places you right inside the story, acting as the brave warrior Kim Gee Soo's confidant, guide and conscience. Following and adapting Leidrin Sweever's original text, "Hwarang and Kumiho" is a new reading experience designed from the ground up for mobile devices and written using developer Victor Atanasov's gamebook engine made with Unity.

You can:

Decide how the main character acts throughout the story;

Choose what legendary skills hwarang will master;

Maintain and improve key character statistics;

Enjoy wonderful illustrations;

Play absolutely FREE - NO in-app purchases, NO advertisements!

Hwarang is one of the oldest orders of chivalry, founded in Shilla Kingdom (one of the three ancient Korean kingdoms) with its own unique code of honour. Some even consider this code to be the source of the samurai order as well. In this app you will experience the atmosphere of ancient Korea in the role of a brave witty hero. You will learn more about this exotic country, its enchanting folklore, mythology and customs.

As the main hero in this story you will have to conduct an investigation to find out what is behind the mysterious deaths of young men and try to get rid of it!

What's New (Changelog)

Version 2.0.0 (Dec 08, 2016)
2.0 - Major Version UPDATE!
Use of 'Reset book' or 'New game' in-game buttons is highly advised!
New UI in the gamebook section of the app!
Improved usability, replaced pagination with scrolling.
Improved text readability.
Improved and optimized usable space of the UI.
Improved an error message to contain more meaningful info.
Performance optimizations.
Fixed a bug when spamming the back button that could result to game client freezing.
Fixed font issues with bolded texts.

Version 1.3 (Nov 13, 2016)
Fixed game logic flaw making possible to write down code word slumber twice.
Fixed game logic flaw where psychic damage was inflicted only once.
Fixed a bug where game over events weren't triggered upon character's death.

Version 1.2 (Nov 09, 2016)
Fixed part of the text being hidden on biggest font setting during character creation.
Fixed Chapter 59 appearing twice.
Fixed typos.
Added confirmation window when quitting the game.
Added support for smartphones' back button.
Added indication upon reaching end of the game.
Various bug fixes.

Version 1.0 (Nov 03, 2016)
Initial Release

Hwarang & Kumiho Gamebook RPG
Android iOS
Release Date:
Nov 03, 2016
The famous hwarang-warrior Kim Gee Soo was sent to conduct a routine investigation into an outback province where a fabulous beauty attracts suitors from near and far... only to find themselves dead on the next morning. Only his skill with the sword and sharp mind will help hwarang to unravel the mystery and, perhaps, save his life and soul from a legendary evil. Download Download
User Reviews

"Great and addictive interactive adventure gamebook. The replay value is more than decent, the art is fantastic, the look and feel of the app is amazing and the story is enthralling!"

Elian Kurtenkov Google Play

"Hwarang & Kumiho is epic! Seems odd to describe a gamebook in this way but the great story combined with Korean music in the background and the application's interface makes it a wicked gamebook to read. 'Hwarang & Kumiho' - the game sure didn't have me immediately by the name as I was slightly sceptical with it being based on Korean culture, supposedly, which is something I'm not familiar with. Turned out it really was worth it. Surprisingly, may be called one of the best gamebooks I've read this year."

Ivo Ganchev Google Play