Transomnia, Horror Gamebook




What is Transomnia?

"Transomnia Horror Gamebook" is an interactive adventure and narrative - a gamebook (in the traditions of "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Fighting Fantasy" series). It tells a story in which you are the HERO!

Inspired by Lovecraft

Expect an adventure inspired by the books of Lovecraft and Stephen King. Better pull the curtains, turn on the bedside lamp and let the luck be with you to get you to the end of this nightmare...


What is this strange feeling? What is happening to you? Are you dreaming? Yeah... that's it. The worst part is, you are lost in a nightmare from which you can get away only if you take the right decisions. This macabre world that fills you with horror is the world of your dreams. Experience an adventure that goes beyond common sense. Try to discern truth from falsehood to escape from the monsters that your own dream created.

Based on

"Transomnie" is the gamebook the app is based on. It's written by Emmanuel Quaireau and illustrated by Elodie Marze. It was awarded "Yaztromo" for best gamebook in France of 2010. "Yaztromo" is the biggest annual competition for gamebooks held for nearly a decade.

Game Features

Decide how the main character acts throughout the story.
Collect items along the way.
Maintain and protect your key statistics: life and sanity.
Keep track of your traits and inventory in the Character Sheet.
Face the element of luck and try to overcome it.
Unlock and enjoy 8 wonderful illustrations in the gallery.
Play absolutely FREE - NO in-app purchases, NO advertisements!