Prime Games
Based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Founding date:
Jan 21, 2017


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Battle For Murk
Fabled Lands
Dust And Salt
Trap For Winners



Prime Games is the lifelong dream of a boy for almost 20 years. This dream is finally close to fulfilment! To put it simple, an independent studio that makes desktop and mobile games, situated in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Early history

My name is Victor and I am the founder of Prime Games. I have been more than 8 years in the software industry, the latter 4 in the enterprise world. “Enterprise, shmenterprise.” I hear a voice full of disbelief. It continues: “Fancy word but what do you mean by it?” Aside from hearing voices and stuff, it means I have been part of an organization with 600+ employees across the globe. I was in a director role and part of a two-hundred-people R&D department where we made software that was sold for millions of dollars to the biggest names in the industry, such as HBO, eBay, NASDAQ, Verizon, Comcast, etc. It was great and valuable experience and I would also take the same route if given the same choice. Still, all of this is now behind me.

After that

I love games. Boardgames, gamebooks, PC games, consoles, pen’n’paper RPGs, you name it! I have grown up with Blizzard’s Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft, gamebooks, Dungeons and Dragons, Super Mario and many, many more! I remember back in 1998 I wanted to create a PC game so badly because I fell in love with Age of Empires! That’s why I started to learn software development. I imagine many of us programmers have started due to inner desire for game development. 20 years later I am back on that track! So, here I am. I am happy, I have a chance to be creative again. I start small and I will see if enough of you like what I make. If I am onto something I would fulfil a life-long dream. The task ahead of me is to turn this into a successful endeavor.



Trap for Winners: Official Trailer YouTube

Dust and Salt: The Battle for Murk Trailer YouTube

Dust and Salt Gameplay Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "An adaption based on a published gamebook from author Sycamore Bright, Dust and Salt is a non-linear story, merging CYOA gamebooks and RPGs to create a story based on personal choices."
      - MICHAEL REILLY, GamebookNews
    • "It doesn’t feel like an adventure the way, say, 80 Days does, (what does?) but I cared about my decisions and wanted to know what would happen next."
      - Sin Vega, Rock Paper Shotgun
    • "Rather than the high fantasy and mystical worlds of Sorcery and Fighting Fantasy, the recently revealed Dust & Salt puts the player in the boots of an army captain in low-magic medieval kingdom."
      - Christian Valentin, PocketGamer
    • "Interview with the creators (in Bulgarian)"
      - Yordan Manov, Technology.BG

    The official blog where I publish various articles related to both games and game development primegames.bg.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Viktor Atanasov
    Business & Development, Prime Games

    Yavor Yalachov (Sycamore Bright)

    Bernar Aganchyan
    Artist, Freelancer

    Music, Freelancer

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