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20 January, 2018

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Dust and Salt Gamebook is a text based game with tactical battles which has you as the main hero leading your troops in a gritty, low-power, medieval fantasy world. You decide where to go and whom to form alliances with. Force your will with either diplomacy or through war. Do you have what it takes to unite and lead the people of the Sin Lands through bloody battles and to victory? Will you get rid of the oppressors of this world or become one yourself? Are you worthy to rule? Build up an army and fulfill your oath to avenge your father’s death by making the Seven High Lords of Murk pay with their heads, no matter the cost to you. The game consists of a story text, a world map, and a tactical combat layer. On the world map you can choose to travel to different locations. The story text builds around the constant choices you make. Once you engage in battle the game will switch to a tactical map where the actual fighting takes place as turn based combat. All of the above is presented in vivid writings by the quill of the author Sycamore Bright.


  • Rich, non-linear story that reminds of D&D with a "flair of battle". We’d describe it as a choose-your-own-adventure book that meets an RPG.
  • This is not checkers, this is a grown-up combat simulation. Send your light-armored infantry, the Nameless Wolves, through the woods into the back of the enemy while your armored, hammer-wielding Nameless Bears stall the enemy attack.
  • The narrative branches based on your choices. Your actions define and shape the world you experience.
  • Are your decisions black or white? Will they lead to a better future for the Sin Lands or will you turn into a usurper?
  • Characters have memorable personalities. Stand up to the cunning Lords of the Sin Lands in well-written interactive dialogues.
  • Zoom-in on the world map and experience the detail of the artistic work.
  • You don’t pick abstract skills or classes. Instead the choices you make define what abilities your character will learn.


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Selected Articles

  • "An adaption based on a published gamebook from author Sycamore Bright, Dust and Salt is a non-linear story, merging CYOA gamebooks and RPGs to create a story based on personal choices."
    - MICHAEL REILLY, GamebookNews
  • "It doesn’t feel like an adventure the way, say, 80 Days does, (what does?) but I cared about my decisions and wanted to know what would happen next."
    - Sin Vega, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Rather than the high fantasy and mystical worlds of Sorcery and Fighting Fantasy, the recently revealed Dust & Salt puts the player in the boots of an army captain in low-magic medieval kingdom."
    - Christian Valentin, PocketGamer
  • "Interview with the creators (in Bulgarian)"
    - Yordan Manov, Technology.BG

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Prime Games allows for the contents of Dust and Salt to be published through video broadcasting services for non-commercial purposes only. Monetization of any video created containing assets from Dust and Salt is not allowed.

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Release Blog Post
The blog-post through which this game was released is available at primegames.bg.

About Prime Games

Prime Games is the lifelong dream of a boy for almost 20 years. This dream is finally close to fulfilment! To put it simple, an independent studio that makes desktop and mobile games, situated in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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Dust and Salt Credits

Viktor Atanasov
Business & Development, Prime Games

Yavor Yalachov (Sycamore Bright)

Bernar Aganchyan
Artist, Freelancer

Music, Freelancer

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