BIG Announcement

Naturally, one thing led to the other…

Even as the Coke cans fizz and the bag of tortilla chips is being popped open, somebody looks at the map and says, ‘I hear there’s an abandoned fortress out on the tidal flats.’

REVIEW: Rider of the Black Sun

Rider of the Black Sun is undoubtedly a must-have for gamebook lovers

Discussions around the Kickstarter gamebook Rider of the Black Sun were getting tense. People were sharing their progress, which item they had found, which item they had missed. Flabbergasted over puzzles and fate points, I was struck by how their discussion resembled the talks usually only gamers tend to have over some complicated RPG or an enthralling PC title.

Releasing games in an oversaturated market

Can business sanity and lust for creativity meet in the middle? The short answer is... Nope.

Gaming is huge. Bigger than Hollywood. In this Wild West indie game developers are jumping on the hype train and with the technology barrier getting lower and lower with each year, creating a game becomes accessible to virtually anyone.

Journey Through the Valley of Despair

A hero who embarks on an adventure wins a victory in a decisive crisis, then returns home altered, transformed.

Before I get to the end of my trip, I want to tell you about crossing the Valley of Despair, which is part of the life cycle of every software project, and most likely is an invariable part of any change for the sake of progress.