Prime Games
Based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Release date:
Q1 2021



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An epic series of interactive fiction with the scope of a massive game world. Be anyone you want: explorer, merchant, priest, scholar, thief, wizard, or soldier of fortune. Buy ships, goods, and townhouses, join a temple, risk desperate adventures in the wilderness, or embroil yourself in court intrigues and the sudden violence of city backstreets. Undertake missions that will earn you allies and enemies, or remain a free agent and choose your own objectives. With thousands of quests and locations to explore, the choices are all yours.


  • Interactive world map that will become the heart and soul of the game with locations from the books.
  • Branching text visualized in a modern, user-friendly fashion.
  • Turn-based tactical combat system adapted for PC gamers, retaining and expanding upon the balance achieved within the books.
  • Reworked classes and character progression skill trees.
  • Resource management systems (inventory, blessings, hideouts, resurrection deals, skills, abilities, cargo, etc.)
  • Save/load for normal mode and, of course, the lack of such for Iron Man mode.



download all screenshots & photos as .zip (6MB)


Monetization Permission

Prime Games allows for the contents of Fabled Lands RPG to be published through video broadcasting services for non-commercial purposes only. Monetization of any video created containing assets from Fabled Lands RPG is not allowed.

Blog Post
Initial Announcement Post primegames.bg.

About Prime Games

Prime Games is the lifelong dream of a boy for almost 20 years. This dream is finally close to fulfilment! To put it simple, an independent studio that makes desktop and mobile games, situated in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

More information
More information on Prime Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Fabled Lands RPG Credits

Viktor Atanasov
Business & Development, Prime Games

Dave Morris, Jamie Thomson
Authors, Fabled Lands LLP

Bernar Aganchyan
Artist, Prime Games

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